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Sales Cloud

Sales cloud helps you identify prospects, manage pipeline and close more deals. We’ve delivered over 300 Sales Cloud projects and have helped our customers streamline their Sales processes.

Service Cloud

Service cloud lets you serve your customers quickly and smartly, resulting in increased customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.We worked with hundreds of enterprises deliver amazing customer service with our service cloud offerings.

Community Cloud

Community cloud lets you connect with your customers, collaborate with employees and conduct business with partners. We have delivered over 150 community cloud implementations

App Cloud

App cloud lets you accelerate your app development and deployment leveraging scalable force.com platform. Phiz has developed thousands of custom applications for our customers and helped them move away from lethargic processes to a more connected, engaging and scalable apps.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud solution helps enterprises drive the digital transformation of their marketing functions by providing personalized experiences across multi channels. We have delivered over 50 marketing cloud solutions helping our customers build smarter and more engaging campaigns.

IoT Cloud

IoT cloud is ground breaking product that lets you connect the Internet of Things with salesforce platform. Phiz can help you build business rules with simple, intuitive tools built on the platform , and help you engage proactively with customers in real time.

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