Our Products

AHM - Tracking

AHM enables you to track fields of objects for the approval process. It gives a snapshot of data for a record submitted for approval. It is available for both lightning & classic environment.This can help enterprises to get one step closer to their data security, privacy and compliance needs.

iBS - TreeView

This is a LWC component. This helps user to show records in hierarchy format based on self lookup or parent child relationship. It supports tree depth level up-to 4. It also supports Info field to show near each record in tree.

Light Weight SF chat

This is easy to install and setup in your site and easy to use. The positive thing is that it saves data in your native salesforce object for your review. This is just a demo app, if one want, he can extend this app to make more robust.

Stripe Apex Toolkit

Beta Released with CreateCharge, CreateCustomer,RetrieveCustomer, CreateInvoice,RetrieveInvoice, CreatePlan, RetrievePlan Methods

SF Uploadify

Make one custom button (detail screen button), on any object, for example , account object, see below code.

Apex Toolkit for Salesforce

Most of us known that whenever we want to connect with any salesforce org and do query the data with any langugae, salesforce gives us some toolkit like PHP toolkit, Java toolkit, Ruby Toolkit, Flex Toolkit etc.

Authorize.Net Apex Library

Recently I came across one requirement where end user wants an easy way to pay fixed amount online from Salesforce to third party something like Donate page. In one of my previous post i showed you how you can do that using Paypal.

Salesforce Drag Drop

Recently i came across with one requirement where end user needs a multiselect picklist where he can drag drop items between two list in Salesforce.

SF Ballot

Beta Released with Question, Result, Reports functionalities

Duplicate Detector

Beta Version launched. Duplicate Restriction Ability on Account, Contact and Lead.


I came across many times for implementing Goolge Map on VF page for many clients in different needs. Every time its a time consuming process like download scripts, write code to fetch addresses, write code to set markers and additional javascript for that.

Simple SF Tree for VF Page

Many times people need one solution for using Tree structure on thier VF page. There are many solution using JS/JQuery. Here i used jquery treeview plugin and created one apex component which can be used directly in you VF page.

ApexDoc Plugin

Beta Released with Question, Result, Reports functionalitiesFixed bug regarding Batchable Classes Parsing

Apex Documentation

Fixed Some bugs related to @param (only one word was coming) and @return (missing).

Easy SF Portlets With jQuery

With my previous experience with many projects it seems "one special" kind of requirement comes always and that always needs me and my team to build every time from scratch and takes time to complete.

JQuery 'Sticky Notes'

Here i came up again with something interesting stuffs. I found recently one cool JQuery Sticky Notes plugin here Tutorialzine []. for Twilio

APEX Twilio Library for This library implements the Twilio REST API as well as provides a set of Visualforce components that wrap the TwiML elements.

Salesforce JQuery AutoComplete Dropdown

In previous 3 months i came across same type of Task in different projects. That is "AutoComplete Dropdown Textbox" for Account, Contact or different types of SObjects (Custom Objects).

Salesforce Calendar Component

SFC Version 1 launched. Prints supplied month and calendar with holidays highlight feature